No ring kit? do I need?

I built my frame couple days ago and I am going through my parts and noticed I don’t have a ring kit. I bought this from someone else that never used it and does not have ring kit. So my question is can I make my own or is it required? I could fabricate the brackets easy as I am a welder/fabricator but I am not to sure on the rest of the hardware in the kit.

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the short answer is No.

The default Maslow is functional and should perform well.

The long answer is that all the linkage kits seem to outperform the default kit and future kits are shipping with the ring. Similarly to the metal frames being an ‘easier’ fix to frame flexing, the Triangular Kits all make the math easier on the machine, and the hardware seems to reproduce cuts with the best accuracy yet.

It sounds like you can make one with the skills you have, search through the Wiki and here for specs on the ring kit. I think the inside diameter is 7" and the rest is just making sure you mount it rigidly and with the ability to adjust the height above the sled to still remain parallel to the sled.

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Also considering building an own ring - only the shipping cost for sending the the ring kit to germany would be $70.

The brackets look quite easy but at least the ring itself has to be lasercut due to accuracy.
There are CAD links and a part list for the ring kit on

I’m thinking of V2A steel. Does anybody know the standard thickness, 3mm?


Oh man if you make one from the files that would be awesome!

It’s been a great morning for the community garden :grinning:

3mm steel would be a good choice, I think they are by default a little thinner than that, but the extra thickness would be good.

Let me know if I can help


are currently planned to ship with the ring, but there have not been
head-to-head testing of the ring vs the linkages, and if the ring accuracy
issues are real (2mm deviation from round reported), we may find that something
else works better and the next batch (or the one after that) may ship with
something else.

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the important thing is to match the bearings you have.

Does anyone know the official specifications for the bearings used? Inner diameter should be 10mm, but what is the outer diameter - 30mm? And the thicknes? Best would be G-grove, but people were rather talking about V-grove. Thank you!
@bar: In the DFX Files from community garden it says the steel sheet is 1,5mm only. Will try a bit more.

The bearings are 30mm at the outside, less with the grove, but the size is not critical.

I had them custom made so I can’t give you a link :grimacing: