When will ship leave with items for groups 2 and 3?

Bar or annie
When will ship leave with items for kickstarter 2 and 3?

It was supposed to leave on Sunday the 2nd, but our freight forwarder had push it back a week (:slightly_frowning_face:) so it will leave on this Sunday (the 9th).

I was tracking Shipment 1, But I don’t remember the Time that it took to get to Port once it leaves. Did you get all the Chips in on Friday for all batches? or just Group 1?

I am probably the first lucky buyer from Poland:)
I placed order (number 10080) on February 15th.
Can you estimate the delivery time (approximately)?
I also found an error in the delivery address. How to edit this address?


Email Anna@MaslowCNC.com to get that sorted out, shes in charge of all the address and shipping things :slight_smile: …Your machine is in that shipping container which will get to us right around the end of the month so you should get a tracking number in right around five weeks I would guess.

Door to door it ends up being about five weeks. It’s amazing how much extra time the little stuff like waiting for a truck to be available to pick it up from the port ends up adding.

No, we just got the boards for the first 10%. The boards the next 75% are completed and should ship out tomorrow. They were actually ready on Friday, but because of the QC issues I asked the factory to hold them until I could find out what was wrong. The factory could fix them, but it would lead to a couple week delay so I’m having them send them ASAP and I will test them all so that we can ship as soon as possible. Hopefully they will arrive Friday and I can have them tested by Monday at which point we can ship the bulk of the KS kits (in order). This week while waiting for the boards we will be packing boxes with everything except the board so as soon as they are tested we can put shipping labels on them and send them out.

USPS didn’t show up for the scheduled pickup today :confused: so we’ve got about 100 waiting on the loading dock. FedEx did pickup though so the early insider edition international ones are on the way.