Just wondering about shipping

Hey there I don’t know if this has been answered before I couldn’t find it, but when bar and Hannah ship a maslow will the tell you and send you tracking info. The reason I ask is I was told my Maslow was going to be shipped mid August and that’s what I told my boss who I had to sell on even thinking about letting me using this with his business. Now if I can make this work like I want it it will be huge for me. I’m just wondering when it will actually be here or if I’m back ordered… or something.

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I suggest you drop @hannah an email and you will get the info.

I’m about to go pick up the powder coated parts from the shop so the last part we are waiting on is the Arduino shields which should be here in a few days and then we will start shipping. The goal is to have everything shipped by the end of next week. Sorry for the delay!

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Ok, fine, I’ll wait. But I can’t be responsible for what I do while going through sawdust withdrawal.

Psst, Hey @bar , Is anyone looking? I’ll slip you a $5 bill if you’ll ship mine first. Or should I be talking to @hannah? :wink:

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Hahahah Hannah has more control than I do but really it’s DHL that needs the bribe :grin: I think we’re getting the parts in to ship a few this week so maybe a bribe to Hannah could pay off :wink:

Ok thank you so much for getting back to me and again I hope I wasn’t bugging you. I’ll leave the bribing to Dakotajim lol I’ll just wait for mine.

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Hey @hannah wink wink nod nod


I won’t even require this


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