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Where to next from TinkerCad or Fusion 360?

I have and use TinkerCad and Fusion360 for my 3D printer. For the printer I can create the .stl or .obj files, then place the files into the Cura, my slicer to create the G-Code. Also, I can create svg file too.

I understand the G-Code is used with Makerverse. So what does everyone like to create their G-Code? Please give me some specifics on what you use, how you use it, and anything else you might find useful.

Thanks for your time.

If you already use fusion 360, it’s probably best to stick with that. There is a
maslow output filter available for you to use (the grbl one works about as

David Lang

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Didn’t know, thanks for the help.


As @dlang says, you can use Fusion360 for the machining portion and create the GCode from there. I use a combination of Carbide Create (use their grbl post processor) to create the GCode. I like it as I can do most of the design portion in there, and then set up the machining all in one place. I have also used EstlCAM (again using the grbl post processor). It has very good functionality as far as setting up the machining, but there is not much in the design side. In both of them, you can import .svg files and then set up the CAM portion for the cuts and get your GCode from there. There are plenty of tutorials for both out on the YouTubes on how to get it set up and use. Carbide Create has a free version lets you do everything but 2.5/3D cutting. For that, you’ll have to pay. EstlCam has a free trial, and allows the full capability of the software, though the paid version is only like $60 USD. You can keep using the trial, but after a while, there is a timer that you will have to sit through which can start to get annoying, but the cost of the actual software is much lower than most anything out there.


Thanks for the suggestion. I am using Fusion360 through my college degree. It is cumbersome and more troubling than I care to admit. I’ll take a look.


The webbased Kirimoto slicer is fine for both 3d and Cnc. Well worth a try.

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Well @c00nphrog I wanted to give Carbide Create a shot, so I downloaded it. I am completing the Job Setup and there is to grbl post processor, for the type of machine. I did see where I can create the G-Code, but I am a little befuddled!

Can you or someone please give me some insight, thank!

Try their tutorials, short and helpful


Sorry for not getting back to you sooner; it has been a long weekend! Can you give a little more info on where you are stuck? As @mooselake said, I learned most of what I know of Carbide Create by using their tutorials, as well as plenty of Youtube videos ( this guy had a few that I was able to learn a good bit from. It looks as if he may have moved on from Carbide, but his videos from Carbide Create are still relevant.)

Let me know where you are stuck though, and I’ll try my best to assist.