I am ready to make something…but need a little help

I would like to use this picture of my grandmother’s writing to make something for my mom. Is there anyone that could explain to me how to get the .svg into a gcode that I can load and cut?

Thanks in advance,


There are online simple gcode generators/CAM. That might work okay for a simple SVG like this file if you just want to try and get going on something quickly. Here’s one (although I have no personal experience with it):
EDIT: Actually, it doesn’t look like this one lets you set a tool (or router bit if you will) size/etc and that’s probably not a good solution for the M4.

I think https://www.estlcam.de/ is quite popular with folks in the forums and the creator has posted a few times. It’s free to try and there’s tutorial videos on that website to help get you started.


estlcam definitely supports SVG to GCode


I’m a Fusion 360 user so can’t really help with the other programs. This is using the 2D Engrave toolpath.

I Love You Very Much.f3d (611.8 KB)

Jason_Cornelius_001.nc (122.7 KB)


Thank you so, so much!

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And I then went and took Frank’s good work and threw it through GCodeClean (yeah I know).

And so.
Jason_Cornelius_001-gcc-ts.nc (97.0 KB)


You guys are awesome. Thank you so much!


Just to follow up on some online options, I think this dev might be an original Maslow user. Some references during its development in our forums:

For simple operations, the online tool is probably useful. It does let you setup the tool/bit size. But, as mentioned before, taking the time to learn something like Estlcam will be really useful for big/complex projects.

And this visualize/simulate tool is a nice compliment to the online tool although a bit kludgy to use with a copy/paste requirement for the g-code:


You can step through the g-code and see what it is supposed to do.

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Estlecam is simple for beginners too.

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You can also try NC Viewer // GCode Viewer and Machine Simulator