Where to order metric bits from when living in the EU?

Hi. I would really like to order some 6 and 8 mm shaft spiral upcut and compression bits at reasonable price and quality. I live in Denmark. Anyone have ideas? Is it a better idea to just get a 1/4 " toolholder? Rasmus

Has quality but also price. They even shipped here. I keep them for ‘special project’, for the rest I buy bulks of 10 in china.

I just bought a 1/4"collet for my first router, the second one even came with one.

it seems like this might be another item that someone outside of the states could offer in a store, along with Logan’s triangular linkage kits.

I’m not sure if this is useful to someone in Denmark but I’ve been using these…

I had to also buy a collet adapter 1/2" to 6mm.

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Thanks. What do you think of the cut quality?

Why did you buy a 1/4" collet for the first? Do you find that getting those bits are easier or cheaper? Do you mind sharing where you are from? Cheers Rasmus

I’m from belgium, i ordered it because i bought the maslow bits, and just realized that 1/4" isn’t 6mm when they arrived :slight_smile:
I just ordered them from the cheapest site i could find, don’t remember wvich it was

Thanks Dag. I was thinking of doing the same, but if price and quality of the imperial and metric bits are somewhat the same, i just thought getting metric would be more future proof. Do you remember if the site was EU? The taxes on import to Denmark from outside EU are quite agressive :wink:

It came from england i think

Ok. Thanks again Dag. What router are you using?

The first router was a makita rt0700, but then someone here took apart a Bosch gof1200 and found the best way to attach a z-axis and i bought one of those.

Great. Im thinking of doing the same thing. Thanks for sharing

I’m happy with the cut quality but I’m new to this and i dont really have a reference as to what is good or bad. I’ll add photos so you can just see for yourself…


The first and last were on the Maslow, the second wasn’t. I cut a depth of 5mm per pass.


looks pretty good. Easy enough to sand off the the wispy stuff.


That looks acceptable. Thanks. What router are you using king?

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I’m using the AEG MF 1400 KE