Metric 6 or 8 mm upcut bits

Those 2 flute up-cut bits in the maslow shop, will they in the future also be available in metric shank sizes?

I’m browsing some european carbide retailers and it’s hard to find one that can beat that price. I’ve just started the search so maybe I get lucky the next round…

Asking this since in europe all routers have 8 or 6mm collets. Eventhough Bosch Makita etc, are likely to carry 1/4 inch collets not many people own them and might eventually end up pushing 1/4 inch bit into 6mm collets.

not sure how safe that is

I’ve used this brand (Huhao) with my Cartesian cnc and found them pretty good. They have most bits in metric and imperial, Their equivalent to that one is ~$4

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We were thinking about having some 6mm bits made, but I was worried that the cost of shipping might offset the cost benefits of us making them ourselves, especially if we can find a good cheap source.

What does everyone think, do we need to have 6mm bits made? Who out there would buy some if we did?

Here is 8mm standard for routers some are additionally supplied with 6mm and or 12mm.
AEG MF 1400 KE is delivered with 8 and 12mm. Appears that 1/4 “and 1/2” is available in the Great Britain, has not found a store yet.
If the threads on Ridgid R22002 and AEG MF 1400 KE are the same you may add 1/4 collet instead?

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From Dr Google 1/2" to 6mm collets are easy to find, got a lot of hits. At random, Amana has a half inch to 6mm for just over 10 bucks.

12mm to quarter inch is $6.44 US. 12mm to half inch probably involves a reamer.

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@ Bar I don’t have a router yet, i’m trying to figure out what way to go.
If i can get a router with a Imperial collet that would make this an easy choice.

But on the other hand it would be nice to have good and affordable 6 or 8mm bits that ship from europe

When looking at Maktek’s compact router for instance they come with a 6mm collet
the chinese spindles i have to check, I also have seen another compact router form makita that i’m trying to find more details on. (i’m still hunting for it’s type number)

@Jakrro Adding 1/4 collets that fit the AEG is indeed a good option,

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I am generally not happy with reamers the bit tends to work it self out and requires a lot of power to lock properly

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It was an obscure joke. Like you say it results in an excuse (or likely need) to buy a new router. Can’t fit a 12.7mm peg in a 12mm hole without a big hammer.

With a boring bar in the lathe it’s hard for me to get that close a fit, but chucking up a reamer was good enough on my last project, a 1 1/4 to 5/8 bushing for a CBN grinding wheel. The OD was a tiny bit undersized, knurling tools are pretty handy for ham handed moose


I like these little jokes as they make one think ones own thoughts. Still… it’s a bit tricky not to get lost… :smiley:

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There are so many suppliers of hardware, I’m not sure why you would bother. Find some you’re happy with and endorse them.