Who's online indicator

Man i have to admit i miss the ability to see who else is online at all times. Like was right there on every thread in the old forum…


Not quite who’s online, but there are users stats for time frames.

Look like there’s a plugin:

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well, given that I left a browser window open 24x7 for weeks at a time, it
wasn’t always accurate.

and with the new version, where I get the messages via e-mail and only hit the
web interface if I need to look at pictures that were posted, it’s going to
remain pretty inaccurate.

I too have a habbit of leaving the browser open for long periods of time. But I’m usually quite close and checking a few tabs often.

I’ll take a look at that plugin this evening. It looks simple enough but there are some config. strings I’ll need to dig a little deeper into.

Shouldn’t be a problem and I agree, it was nice to see who was online in Muut.