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Some metrics on the forums


I just took a look at the site metrics for the forums and since I thought they were interesting, I figured maybe you would too. Here are all the bits which don’t reference anyone by user name:







most of those stats don’t include people viewing things via e-mail (like I do),
although posts via e-mail are counted.


I believe today makes my weekyversary :wink: lol


welcome to those 6 new users today.


Dang, I hope I’m not the silenced one!
Edit: oh good, looks like it’s not me :wink:


Hmmm Who are the other dutch ‘cheese heads’??
BTW i mainly use Duckduckgo so the is probably not me. Would be nice to hook up in the future with Maslow users nearby.

BTW i’m on the Belgian border, and also not far away from Gemany.


Now that the forums are a year old, here are metrics for the year. Dashboard layout has changed a bit.