Why don't we have a (shallow) 3-D CNC?

I have wondered for awhile why we were able to create x and y (up and down the stock) calculated from two diagonal chains but haven’t had gradient qualities in regards to the z-axis.

Do yours run at the same time?
Mine seems to take all day with an excessive amount of z movement (even when “scheduled” to cut immediately adjacent material) Up and down, up and down…
My real thoughts here are: What would have to change in order that we did have 3D CNC? - Gradually move up/down while moving across?
Ground Control?
CAM software?
Don’t get me wrong… I am glad I understand enough about the design process to “get by” and I can’t fathom what would be involved in this type of machine. I just see x carve doing this (as one common example) and let’s face it: I’m a dreamer… And I know I’m not the only one!

main issue is stock original z axis has too much play, you probably want to upgrade the z axis is this functionality is critical to things you want to cut.

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