3d CNC with maslow

Hi Guys

New to CNC, but ordered my maslow 2 days ago. I noticed the maslow now has a z stepper, has anyone had any success with 3d cnc projects ?
I can’t seem to find any info on how you can do live z movements, it seems to be a pause retract, move, pause reengage type system.

This thread:

Might be of interest

It’s more a 2.5D CNC… and works pretty well at that.

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This looks very good, how accurate is the z motion ? What i was actually thinking was setting different depths for a single job. So say, cuttinting out a frame them cutting out a pic in the frame, without going through the wood.

I works really, really well for what you are looking at doing. The only real problem is that the stock Ridgid R22002 router has some “slop” on the depth control and there are a few solutions for it. I just put a bungie cord over the top of the router to provide downward pressure and I’ve cut some really cool things without any issue.

Here’s something I carved out of plywood for a friend’s son’s birthday. The black area is carved-out (recessed). It’s sitting on some butcher paper (it’s not 3-D).


That is very nice, this is actually what i was looking to do.
Thanks for showing, once my maslow’s turned up, do you mind if i come back to you with your setup?

I’m happy to help and pretty much everyone else is as well.


Thanks guys i will come back when im fully up and running.


…or if you have a problem getting up and running. The community is really good at helping folks diagnose and fix problems.


Apparantly he hasn’t been here for very long, or he would have known that allready :slight_smile:


Thanks, yes i have not been here long, my maslow has not arrived as yet.
I guess i will be here a lot more once it does


Haha, that would be a mistake. i’d suggest staying here till it arrives, you learn a lot by just reading about other peoples mistakes.
Some life wisdom i learned from my grandfather (not really, that just makes it sound more profound) Learning from your mistakes, or even better from someone else’s :slight_smile:


I have read a lot of the mistakes people have made, also 3d printed a lot of the parts including router pieces. Living in europe had to go with the bosch pof 1200 ae, this will arrive tomorrow so will strip that down, remove the handles, add the 3d printed parts.

have any of you had issues with dust and the arduino mega ? i have 3d printed a case for it, but this has a fan an i’m concerned it will create more problems than its worth.

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I would say that heat is a bigger problem than dust (though dust can make getting rid of heat harder). If there is a way to power the fan from a different source than the Maslow power supply, that would be good - some users suspect that the full range of the power supply might be needed in the upper parts of the workarea.

I have actually got a 30A power supply that i will use for the maslow, as i intend to add some different things to it.
I am going to add a thermal shutdown (router), also bord temp shutdown, lighting, vacuum control, cameras etc.
My intention is to place the sheet on the stand and sdo everything from my house.

This is similar setup to my 3d printing setup only i will use a PC instead of the raspberry pi.

That is really not advised, make sure you have a fire extinguishing system in place, if something goes wrong, it goes wrong fast.

the system will have full shutdown including from smoke detectors, it will be same setup as 3d printer.
if it does look like a problem i can also connect a mini sprinkler system to a fire extinguisher, via the smoke detector

By the time the smoke detector shuts down the cnc, there is allready a fire, sounds like sprinklers might be the right idea.
I still have to build my final shop, but a shutoff connected to smoke detectors will go in the design, good idea.


unless sawdust triggers the detector, in which case you may have a lot of false

that’s where you need a good dust collection, or a switch to turn of the smoke alarm when you’re cutting mdf, or something very dusty.