Wood burning with Maslow CNC

Hi everyone. I have ordered my Maslow, got my AEG MF 1400 KE and build my frame.
So while I´m waiting for the Maslow CNC to arrive, I saw that someone else attached a wood burning engraver on their CNC. But I didn’t find any inside this forum. So I thought I would make this topic. I bought a cheap wood burning-set at my store here in Norway. The colour even match my AEG :slight_smile: I designed and 3D-printed a mount for the wood burner and is looking forward to test it with my Maslow CNC.

I don´t recommend to leave a hot wood burner working “alone” by it self.
And this is probably not the correct “safety use” of this device :slight_smile: If you decide to try, do it on your own risk :slight_smile:


Welcome and thanks for the picture! An amazing idea that you have!
A few comments, answers and likes will get you fast past the automatic

Hope to see some cool wood burned and cut pictures soon.

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Welcome to our group. I like this idea. let me know if there is any way I can help.

Thank you