How Far on a 4x8 Can You Cut?

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How far to the edge of a 4x8 can the Maslow cut? I see a lot of wasted plywood.

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Theoretical, to the edge, however you might get increasing accuracy issues the closer you get to the bottom left and right edge and the top middle one. To cut till the edge a thin ‘frame’ of same thickness as your stock is needed so the sled does not tilt once at the edge.


Here is an example of a frame providing a contour.
In this case, the contour is 1/4 thicker than the spoil board.
So 1/4" thick material gets a flush surface for the sled all around up to the edge.
Thicker material would need some different setup.


This is exactly what I was thinking. As long as the frame is a minimum half the width of the router support base you should be able to use most if not all the 4 X 8 sheet.

If you have the chains at the balance point on the sled (and they are parallel
to the workpiece) you can cut within a half inch of the sides, all the way to
the top, but without support below the workpiece you cn only get down to ~6"
from the bottom of the workpiece

David Lang