Workshop Sign - Second Project

Second project beyond the first test cuts. Learning lots so far.

Way to go MASLOW TEAM! @bar

As cut

After ran through the planer.


I’m understanding everything except ‘after ran through the router’.

I can see the difference in the images, I’m just confused about using a router to get from A to B.

Sorry should have been ‘planer’ not router. Guess the router was still on my mind :slight_smile:

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No worries at all, for sure.

I figured that you meant planer or sander, but I’ve been watching enough Sci fi lately that I was also open minded to finding out what wonderful router technique could have done that. Lol.

I have used a router and a gantry type jig to flatten a large wooden stump piece by hand. That was a long process. So I guess you could but very inefficient.

I thought along those lines. Wouldn’t expect such a clean surface finish, though. Should have stripes from the bit and jig not being perfect in that case.

Very correct. Was good enough to clean up with sanding though.

Love it! Way to go, Marcus!


This looks fantastic! Great work!

Thanks bar. The CNC works great for this so far. Still working to see if V Carving can be improved with different software to generate the G Code or its just the inaccuracies of the hardware causing the bumpy/ waveyness.

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Hi there. Do you have a picture of your setup on the Maslow for this?

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Here’s a similar setup.

Blue arrow would be the work piece being cut

Orange is a plywood sheet acting as the base. Not fixed to the ground.

Red is an anti slip mat between the work piece and the base.