X Y calibration issues

To start id like to say that i have finally made my own Z axis with a C beam and no longer have Z axis issues!!! yayy

That being said im having a ton of accuracy issues with everything else. i ran a test by cutting a 6"x6" grid inside the measurements of 3 foot high 6 foot wide. the grids origin was dead center because i wanted an X marks the spot right in the middle for registration with future cuts. i also added 3/4 dog holes in it with the holes in the center of the cut squares.

1- my horizontal cuts are slightly frowning. the are higher in the center then on the ends

2- my 3/4" dog holes are not actualy .75 the are more like .70 ( i am useing a 1/4" bit which the program easel was set up with .

3- taking the arch previously stated into consideration, my grid was basically cut on the 4X8 sheet as if the sheet was 1/4" low on the left side. which it is not. i took all the measurements again just to check and my set up is truly square.

4- my circles are oblong. not to the naked eye. they look great but when measured they are more oval than circle.

5- the grid itself even if parallel is actually short from 6" . if i measure from the bottom to one line to the bottom of the next line its about 1/16" off consistently. since its that consistent it leads me to believe it can be accurate that consistent as well. almost seems like scaling is off.

i have gone through the calibration process several times and it seems i have slightly different results every time. nothing drastic but no corrections to the issues im having.

i have a ring style set up with the suggested router and i have a basic 4x8 frame design. the only thing that i have changed is the z-axis.

this is indicating that something is still off a bit in the calibration. It’s
not easy to get exactly right (it could even be that the tape measure you are
using isn’t accurate enough). The holey calibration method seems to produce
better results, but getting it running is a pain at the moment

2- my 3/4" dog holes are not actualy .75 the are more like .70 ( i am useing a 1/4" bit which the program easel was set up with .

are you sure the bit is really .25" not slightly smaller, distorted makes sense
(given the issues you mention above), smaller only happens if you aren’t using
the bit size the CAM software thinks you are (next time, try telling the cam
software you have a slightly smaller bit)

what is the holey calibration method?

and as far as the 3/4" holes. i thought about telling the machine i have a smaller bit as well but i felt that would be band-aiding the problem not really fixing it. seems like its not just a problem with the dog holes.

also im not sure how to get it any closer. i dont know enough about what the settings mean to change anything.