YouTube inspirational

There is so much great stuff being done with affordable CNC on YouTube. Yesterday I was watching the channel Aribabox while he designed, cut and built a complete kitchen for his brother on a half size CNC router. I thought this could be of interest to others in the Maslow world while waiting for the M4 to arrive :slight_smile:

The joinery was interesting. The bench plate joint solution was good. Methodology to keep track of which parts had been cut already. And of course all the afterthoughts and issues with moving from a perfect 3D model to real life unperfect walls :slight_smile:

The same channel have done quite some interesting CNC stuff earlier as well.

Perhaps other have similiar inspirational and “educative” videos to share?


This is an excellent video, thank you for sharing!

I’ve run into the “the walls aren’t actually square” issue myself when installing our office dish-rack. I designed it to go in the corner and it turned out to be not even remotely 90 degrees.

I LOVE the idea that it’s a half size CNC router. It’s true, but before Maslow I would have thought of that router he has as a pretty big machine.

My favorite inspirational project is this one: