Z axis move but don't keep track of position, always 0,00mm

Hello, the Z axis move according to g-code command, but the position is always 0,00mm.
Starting from Z0, With Gcode; Z+5, bit raise by 5mm. Position remain 0. Then with Gcode; Z-2, instead of going 2mm under the machining surface, router bit drop by 2mm (3mm in height actually). Again position remain zero…etc…
What’s going on?

Are you using GroundControl or WebControl? Which versions?
Perhaps a screenshot could help?

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In both software packages, the move number is a distance, not a position. you instruct maslow how far to move. Gcode tells it to move to an absolute location. In Webcontrol you can enter a G0 Z4 as a macro button command to get it to move to a height of 4 or G0, Z-2 to move to 2 mm below the surface, but the controls are designed to jog the system into position to zero it and then let the gcode run the system…

Thanks everyone, I’ve findout one connector of the z motor was badly seated and solve the issue.
Thanks for the quick feedback It is good to feel supported.


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for future reference, doing a motor test would have shown the Z axis failing.