Maslow Z axis not moving using controls on web control

Hello All

Newbie with a new toy. Still in the setup phase. Z axis does not move when selecting up or down on web control. Cable and motor are good (have movement when connected to x axis of control module). Diagnostics does not fail anything. Original setup came with ground control and all worked, Upgraded to web control and haven’t been able to operate Z axis to this point. Control module buzzes when trying to move using web control. Any pointers in what I should look for next would be appreciated.
Windows 10

Don’t have the other info at this time because I’m not around the machine.

X and y work great. Almost have all the error out using triangular calibration method.

go into the settings and check if the z axis is enabled. it is a toggle on/off switch

It is enabled

Thanks Orob for the assistance. I was able to clear problem by going back to ground control. When everything was working in ground control I was able to successfully return to web control with all motor function.

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Glad you were able to figure it out.