Z-axis & Ridgid/AEG router clearance problem

Goodday community,

Does anyone have a slick solution for installing the z-axis with more clearance then in the attached pics?
I can remove that plastic cover that protects the brushopenings on the router’s side but want to avoid that… Also, even with that piece of plastic removed i feel there still isn’t enough room between the zaxis and the routerbody to avoid possible collusion during operation.

Thanks a bunch for any feedback!

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I noticed that if you rotate the z-axis motor on the router height adjustment screw toward the top of the sled that you get slightly more clearance. When you have it rotated toward the bottom of the sled it will eventually touch the router. Find that sweet spot and you’ll get slightly more clearance.


Thx for the input.
I tested a bit and finally fiddeled a ghettosolution that should give me enough room.
I should have included the Zmount into the downright fixingpost of the triangulation kit…

Oh well, should be fine now :wink: