Ridgid Router question

So I’m working with my Maslow, complete beginner here, and getting things going etc, and I have a question about the Ridgid Router, and Z-Axis. When I’m using the Z-Axis motor, is the router supposed to be clamped? Or just sitting in the little safety notch without the clamp closed down? It seems to me the clamp would need to be open for the adjustments from the z-axis motor, but I’ve seen 3 videos where the people are clamping it in the base. However, mine doesn’t work (up and down) with the clamp locked down.

you loosen the clamp so that you close the clamp, but the router can still move.

So just loosen the bolt until I can close the clamp, and the router can still move up and down? You’re very helpful, thanks!

yep, exactly.

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