Z-Axis: router hitting motor

Hey Folks,

I’ve got my z-axis motor set up, and the router installed. When I test run the z-axis going up and down I noticed some problems with it not plunging as much as it should. Looking carefully I saw that the router was actually hitting the motor/bracket for the z-axis.

What did I mess up? I don’t think I can spin the router around, the notch that the z-axis guide goes into is only on one side.

Assuming the router is centered in the ring, is your vacuum port straight down? You can rotate the mount for the z-axis to move the motor away a little, but if you are too close to the ring, you may need to rotate the router base cw, looking from above.


Thanks! You’re right.
I was able to rotate the router and better place the z-axis motor, and that issue is completely resolved.

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