Z height display

Hey Guys,
I think I’ve finished the building instructions on the garden page.
(Big Z-value display)

If anyone builds this, drop a line - also if I need to add some instructions :slight_smile:


Hey HansPeterHaastrup, i was hoping to build this project and have purchased everything i have seen that is necessary. i just had a few questions about the coding. i noticed in the first few lines that the seqment sequence was different than your original post of how to route the series. just hopping to clarify since i have know knowledge of coding to tell if its different. Also i work in Imperial Inches, (you know the one who put a man on the moon), and i wasnt sure if everything would still convert given your decimal placement. i love the idea and im stepping off into the deep never even soldering before. thanks for the hard work you have already put into this project and sharing it for the rest of us!

That is super cool! And actually pretty handy I bet.

nice that you’re trying this out!
The sequencing should work in the way that you just swap the order around so it suits the wiring that you got. I haven’t actually tested that bit of code very much since I only ever did that one display. In any case it will be easy to fix if there’s a problem with it so go ahead and start soldering :slight_smile:

It shouldn’t be a problem using inches either. As far as I know GRBL reports the units back in the same formart and it’s up to the viewer to interpret the values as inches or millimeter. The display don’t care either, so as long as you’re good with a single decimal everything is still fine… i hope :wink:

thanks for the reply, i will try to figure things out and report back with our success. im surprised more people have not made this given its readily available in the community garden and such low cost

this is the source code from the ide
| … . |
6 … 2
| . … |
| . . . |
5 … 3
| . … |