My Maslow control enclosure (with Pics)

I have made a box to hold all the electronics for my Maslow.
It contains

  • 3 PSU’s (5V, 12V & 48V)
  • Arduino & Maslow Board
  • Raspberry Pi 3 with Touch screen LCD
  • Spindle Controller with switches
  • Emergency stop for Motors and Spindle

Here are some pictures

Please let me know if you would like a detailed write up with schematics and CAD? (No points spending a few hours if nobody is interested…)


@StephenMcG that is a thing of beauty!!! I would definitely read more details!

Looks like you soon are able to build a spaceship.
I definitely like that e-stop mushroom.

Great work! Well done.

Would love a r pie setup image with ground control.

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Awesome build! Thanks for sharing. Do you have a read for the spindle speed, or will you have a scale around the knob?

Nice panel build!
I like it.

This is rad! Nailed it!

A write up or schematics would be great! (if that isnt too much work)