Micro or Mini Maslow

Hello Maslownians. Long time lurker, fisrt time poster. I’d like to get some feedback from the community on a ‘Mini Maslow’ project to see if it can be done. I’m some what familiar with 3d printing (by no means an expert) and I was wondering if you could hook up the Maslow controller to run to smaller 3d printer motors, say something like a NEMA 17, to make a much smaller version of the full sized unit. I have way to many other projects going right now and currently don’t have the space needed for the full sized frame. I would like to build a mini frame to set up in my man cave to play with. Can anyone tell me if this is possible or if it has already been done? Thanks in advance for your help.

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The design and software are aimed at DC gearmotors with quadrature encoders dragging a weighted sled/router around, and wouldn’t be easy to adapt to steppers. The software is written to adapt to different workarea sizes, though, so something less than 4’x8’ is reasonable.

Space was a concern for me too. I had more space up top than I did at the main level so I built my frame with a 10’ top beam but only a 4’x4’ backer board. The reason was I only plan to use smaller boards or 4’x4’ sheets most of the time. If I wanted to use a 4’x8’ I could by just clamping to it. The 10’ top beam also gives me the best accuracy in both setups. This saved me space the majority of the time.

I also ended up wall mounting it so it would only be sticking out about 5" from the wall when stored and quickly pulled out with feet (to hold my angle) since it is on hinges. So far I like the set up.

It’s nice how customized you can make your frame.


Hmm. looks like i’ll have to wait then. The 4 x 4 would be to big for the cave and I didnt not consider the effects of shortening the beam on accuracy. I noticed some one else had started a thread about building one for outside use. Maybe I’ll go that route instead. Thanks for the help guys.

If your work area is smaller you should be fine shortening the beam, now it’s 8" wide with a 10"top beam, so if you want to make it 2" wide a 4" top beam should be ok.
It’s just gonna look silly, with the huge sled on a tiny board :slight_smile:

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