Z motor bracket dimensions

Hi everybody,
I am due to get a kit in a month so I am designing my own cutting tool using a 500W BLDC spindle (for many reasons i.e lack of suitable routers in England and getting a much quieter machine) on a basic Z Axis using the Z axis motor.
I am currently designing the Z axis and need to know the size of the supplied Motor bracket too see if I can use it in my design (I’ve paid for it!). I have found most of the other sizes from the forums and the web.
I will post the design for comment when I have got something to show…

Hi! roughly ->

Edit: ~2 mm thick


Thanks for measuring your bracket. I don’t believe it, that is almost exactly the dimensions I guessed from the photos on the assembling a Z Axis page (I only had it 100mm though)! I guess the slots are about 50mm long?

I’d say the slots are 45mm long. It may be that the ones farther from the bend are 50mm, though - It’s hard to measure once it’s all installed.