Dimensions of V-groove bearing in maslow ring kit?

I ordered a full kit from this upcoming batch, and while I was waiting I’ve been modeling up the sled to cut on a buddy’s big “real” cnc router.

Does anybody know the dimensions of the pulley on the maslow ring kit? I know I can just wing it, but my OCD is kicking in… I have a hard time actually building something without drawing everything up first :frowning:


Real one


Real one


Those renderings are amazing! Beautiful work.

Here are some dimensions:

Width of grove flat spot:



Edge to flat spot:

Diameter at flat spot:

Diameter at widest part:

Edge width:


Your attention to detail and visualisation skills are very welcome!

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@bar : Thanks! I’m loving the design and the community here. I’m especially grateful things you guys decided to opensource 'cause reverse engineering things like the ring just to find the screw locations for the deck would have been a total PITA.

@Borderline : Thanks, for me, drawing things up before I build is mainly a way to avoid violating the laws of physics. This way I can put things where I think I want 'em, and mull things over.

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I feel bad creating a new thread for this. I have another request for the critical dimensions of the XY motor mount.

How high does the shaft sit above the main beam and whats the offset of the gear from the mount?

There are Sketchup files of the motor brackets in Mechanical/Hardware - would those help? The gear would be adjustable along the length of the motor shaft, but typically located at the end away from the motor body.

Thanks blurfl,

I see some discrepancies between the sketchup model and the “WORM+GEAR+MOTOR+MOUNTING+BRACKET+FOR+GW31ZY+OR+GW370” drawings.

Nominally, the sketchup shows 29mm from the base to the centerline of the motor

And the amazon/ebay drawings which show 30mm. Anyone knows which the official kit uses?


Working on the motor right now. Does anybody know the length of the encoder past the motor end? I guessed based on pictures. I used the sprocket dimensions from superdroidrobots since it looked close to the original.

Here’s my work in progress right now. Its a modified version of Jay’s “sheet storage” frame. 12’ beam and 26" motor height above the cut area. I can upload files if anybody wants (and if there’s a good place to shove them.) I stole the router from jwolter since the router is out of stock at my local Home Depot and I’m using the ring kit models available from github.

If you’re wondering why the sled is white, I found 1/2" cutting boards on Amazon (Winco 18x24 Cutting Board) that I’m planning on using for the sled unless someone tells me its a bad idea. They also have them in cool colors like yellow and red.


The brackets from Maslow look like the drawings in the github repo, not like the amazon ones.


Seems like the V groove bearings are really expensive. The ring could use wood or metal stand offs instead of the adjustable guides and could be laser cut into two interlocking halves to increase the yield from the laser cutting yielding about 3x more parts per sheet. with the extra savings the metal could be made thicker say 6mm so flat bearings could be used.

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you may want to take a look at the top mount linkage kit

it’s efficient to cut and doesn’t require any expensive bearings.

David Lang

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