10 files to get you started on the CNC

I have had problems removing the chains from the linkage. The cotter pins have to be replaced each time I do a new calibration with new software updates. Is there a better option to the split cotter pins?

It’s been posted to community garden. The svg file does not contain the toolpaths because, for whatever reason, I couldn’t save the svg with the toolpath added in makercam. So I included the gcode I used.

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Thank you so much for the collaboration. It’s a great feeling to see an idea take effect. What files do we have up so far? @bee can you get these files ported over to desciples as the start of the open source file sharing as well.

can you take a picture of what you are using?

yes split pins are a bas idea.

also, you should start a new topic for a new problem

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Good idea - I will check what is in the community Garden and go form there when I get a chance?

.I have used the cotter keys that came with the kit but I am now using
12ga. copper wire that I can bend easier. Here’s a pic.

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You should be able to use the cotter pins which came with the original kit, right?


I use the pins that came with the original kit, but I’ve never bent them. They stay perfectly in place with the friction… they wont slide out on their own.