Friendly competition

We still need to come up with our 10 free files. I have an idea of a friendly competition.
First, this can be done by anyone even if you don’t have a cnc.
Second, it must be completed in one day. (This is to help the beginners learn cad and teach them not to be afraid)
Third, you must upload the svg and/or the cad file.
Lastly, our veteran maslowians can help facilitate the process. They can help find solutions or help convert to a stable g-code. Also note that you can upload more that project.
***All files must be placed into a zip file to be uploaded.


I’m working on a format for Projects. This is a big pill to work on as I’m working a scope much bigger than just the Maslow.

To give an idea - I once did a study of packaging. I asked people to look at a universal packing system for anything. I only found one guy that was willing to work in scale. You see there were some nifty ideas but most were in a size. Meaning worked good for a loaf of bread. My goal was from a marble to a aircraft carrier. I like complete solutions. :slight_smile:

What does this all mean? I’m sort of expanding this idea in that we need to include instructions. Clear , easy to follow , repeatable instructions. & Details -

I used this size bit, and this feed rate, etc.

Thank you

I agree. That is why I proposed for that people can submit what they have and the pros can finely tune it to work correctly every time. As we teach the new people then we create more contributors. Hopefully a little work now will result in an exponential return.

My first submission is a growth chart that looks like a ruler. It can be made on a 1x8 or 1x10 board that is atleast 6 foot long. I do have a SVG file and sketchup file with this project.1st file is the SVG, 2nd file is the sketchup file. (39.6 KB) (193.9 KB)


My second project is a picnic table that can be cut out of one sheet of plywood. I looked around and found several with decent measurements. This is the sketchup file that I created. It will fit onto a sheet of 3/4 plywood. There are some blocks that can be secured to the bottom of the table to hold it in place. Attaching those boards are done by glue or screw. The rest of the table fits together with slots. It snaps together and can be easily disassembled for transport. It should not take up a lot of room for transport. I do not have a SVG file because I am having problems getting it converted. I would like some help to convert to SVG. I also would love to see someone try and cut the table. Enjoy! More to come. Please let me know if I need to change the sketchup file to a different edition (ie. 2016).
I have included the cutting template from sketchup and the assembled version from sketchup.

Plywood Picnic Table (44.8 KB)
Plywood Picnic Table (37.3 KB)


This is my version:


Amazing. I love this. Do you have in a svg file or gcode format to cut on a cnc. I couldnt find anything like it in cad. I did the plans with a 1/4 in clearance so the cnc could cut two parts with one swoop. I love the overhang a lot better on your style.

Thanks, I don’t have any CNC file formats for it, but here’s the DWG which can be converted to DXF then to usable gcode.

flat_pack_picnic_table.dwg (39.4 KB)



This is a well done project. Would you mind if I used it over on disciples of CNC?

Thank you

Feel free to use it, but I just want to be clear that I did not use any kind of CNC to make mine. The Instructable clearly shows me cutting it out manually with hand-held power tools.

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Thank you - It would be good for me to do a progression. But yes I see it was a hand done and appreciate it was done on 10hrs.

I wonder how long it will take on a Maslow?

Thank you

Would you mind me using your file on disciples of CNC as well?

I love that this fits a one sheet project.

Thank you

Perhaps we should start a “1 sheet projects” thread? I built myself some free standing shelving units and 2 different desk designs while in grad school that each used 1 sheet of MDF. I have the DWG files and have been meaning to clean them up for use with the Maslow. I’ll try to post some images and files when I am home in a couple days.


The file has been edited on the above post with a new update. I corrected any errors and it should be ready to cut.

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i think we might be neighbors! we are in fremont. cool table design.

Thanks! Recently moved from Green Lake to Bellingham area. Miss it. Love the Fremont/Ballard area.

A lot these lines are straight. But remember that the maslow doesn’t just cut. You can use it to draw the lines and cut with a saw. Drawing out these complicated lines will save a ton of time.

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remember to re-calibrate (or at least switch calibration settings) between
running with the heavy router and a light pen holder.

chain sag will be significantly different between the two.


Unless the pen holder is weighted to match the router… I found a use for some of the contents of the ‘pocket change jar’ as ballast in my pen rig :wink:


Great idea. I didn’t even consider that. My dad would drill out my pine wood derby car and add either coins or fishing weights. He would hot glue them in place.

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