About the Found and Shared category

This is intended to be a scrollable resource for random things found in the www while searching for projects, programs, tools, inspiration and so on, related to MaslowCNC, CNC in general, CAD, CAM, plywood and other things of interest.

Not sure if this works, but lets try:
Post what you found in the ‘Found and Shared’ thread. Keep it small, with a short description, a picture and a link for example.
Please give credit to the creator and if possible, link the licence.
For discussions about a post, please open a new topic and do not discuss in the ‘Found and shared’. For example, I post the ‘Rocking Elephant’ in ‘Found and Shared’, but to discuss it or comment it, I create a new post like ‘Thoughts on Rocking Elephant’.
This way the ‘Found and Shared’ could become a scrollable, clutter free resource database.
Let’s make it happen :slight_smile:


Nice! Love the new category!

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I will delete comments in the Found and Shared topic, as it should stay a cutter free scrollable resource :wink:
Please open a new topic for comments with the name in the title and a link to the post.
Not sure if this is thought well or if it works :-/

@mrfugu commented:
These would all be good additions to the Wiki, (Home · MaslowCNC/Mechanics Wiki · GitHub)