10 files to get you started on the CNC

What if we provided 10 free files to anyone that buys a cnc? This could allow them to see how everything works. They could build the frame, download the files, and instantly see their cnc in action.


Or even just one. Maybe the Maslow logo as an engraving using one of the bits sold in the store?


For what I’ve seen in the forums is that all/most CAD files are shared.
Other CAD files like chair and table built by Bar are openly available on OpenDesk.
Are you asking to share the cut files (.nc)?
If so, I see some problems with diameter of the bit and material thickness, that may be different for users.
Also, part of

is how to get from your idea/design to the cut. (CAD/CAM/Maslow)

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Now that I thought about it a few more minutes, I like the idea more and more.
What would be a good project that everyone could use?

1st suggestion from me:
A modified version of @Bryan_Pollock stand,
[https://cdck-file-uploads-global.s3.dualstack.us-west-2.amazonaws.com/standard11/uploads/maslowcnc/original/2X/1/1109908762dc1abc67dbe6b1d431cd8cf19e5dc9.jpg) that has a level top and slots for sled and bricks.
On wheels, to move it out of the way. It’s good for resting the sled, easy tool change, cleaning etc.
It can have tool holders for spanners and bits.
My concern about bit diameters and material thickness can be solved by providing files for:
1/4’, 1/2’, 5mm, 6mm bits and 2 or 3 ply thickness.

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That might be a hard project to find

The sled holder stand on wheels? Hope it’s not hard to find who designs it :slight_smile: .

By hard to find, I meant in finding a project that everyone can use :slight_smile:

For me, that stand would take up too much space in my small workshop.

I’ve been thinking allot about projects that would require tool changes (cut-, V- round-bit). A stand that eliminates the need for taking off the sled is what I’m for sure going to build. I’ve done tool changes with the sled on the chains, resting on a chair. Was not that funny. Yes, hanging it from the top beam and flip would also work. Was just an idea that could be the laptop stand and sled rest in one. Hoping for more ideas and suggestions.

OK, that might not be achievable. On the small workshop, I’ll except the comparing challenge and expect to win :slight_smile:

Please don’t think I was disparaging your suggestion. It’s a good one. I was just trying to point out that it will be tough to find a project that will be universally useful. Perhaps @Sharpsburg_Woodworke’s idea of 10 projects is better, that way it is more likely that more people will find at least one that would be useful and/or interesting to them.


If we are talking about .nc files, 10 designs x 4 bit diameters x 2 material thickness makes 80 .nc
Not impossible. At least 9 more suggestions needed. Come on Maslovians, where are you today?
Edit: My math has a bug tonight :see_no_evil:

I like the 10 projects idea too! That way there is something for everyone. We can host the files in the community garden so that everyone can edit them if needed and I can put a page up on the website.

Projects could be very simple like the Maslow logo where the difference between a 6mm and 1/4 inch (6.35mm) bit wouldn’t matter.


for those using the rigid router, you just remove the router from the sled to
change bits

the newer linkage kits and ring kit make it easy to detach the chains from the
sled (I think your kit went out just before I got the pins in, but I think I
included half links in your kit)

David Lang


With permission of the makers,
https://github.com/MaslowCNC/CommunityGarden is a good start to look. Minecraft sward and axe, flags, projects from updates. The letterbox needs to be precise to fit, but we have a bunch already there.


This is an excellent idea. Nothing like getting your machine set up and calibrated and then have to go and design something and then run it. With the 10 files a person could find something that would be interesting enough to make and then actually see something that they made.


Just thinking about categories:

Useful accessories for the Maslow
Furniture (like some of the chairs I’ve seen on the forums)
Toys for the kids
Maker Projects (i.e. something that combines woodwork with electronics, motors, etc.)
Something to convince your spouse that all the time spent in the workshop and on the forums was worth it.


that’s the one we really need. like a spice rack or a jewelery stand or something :slight_smile:


Maybe @madgrizzle will share his flower vase file :slight_smile:

Absolutely… I’ll dig it out. I think I broke it into two files… one for the carve and a second to do the profile to cut the piece out.


Good guy madgrizzle with the spouse placation for the win!

and today I realized that the Maslow logo is included with the Ground Control software in the “gCode for testing” folder

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