2,5D Stepper Motor CNC with Visicut

Hey there i found your project amazing.
So i was thiniking modifing it to suit my needs.
my needs:

  • Stop Button
  • Joystick to set start position manualy
  • Visicut Integration for DAU (silly user)
  • Box funktion (demomodus were the requred space of the cut will be scatched.)
  • Network integration (for Visicut)
    It may also be able to work with gcode/etc…

I was wondering if Stepermotors with Gering woud improve the precision.
(like this one)

why are using routers instand of milling spindle?

Let us know how it works out! I’d love to see a stepper motor version. Don’t know why those motors are so expensive though! should be half the price.

Someone did a stepper version of the software (they spent a lot more on the
motors and gearboxes, so it didn’t make the machine cheaper)

Hi yaer i read about it will look into his code soon but got some thinking already doen.
I targeting my local fablab so bit hier price but more prezission and durace is better.
The price list are actual ~100€ Motor 50 € Chain 20€ Sled (alu) Z-Ache ? (i think 50€ would be ok) 50 € Electrics 200€ spindle
+20% cause i screw something up :smiley:
→ 580
I think this is a awesome price.
In my calculation i got around 350 steps per mm chain.