GC directional control is working backwards on vertical plane

Hi Team,
Im sure this will be something people have seen before, I searched but couldn’t see anything.
When I press the up button in GC it moves the red circle up but my maslow lowers the sled.
When I press down the red circle moves down but the sled moves up. If I press left or right they move properly.

Since the last time I had it all setup I have updated GC, updated the Arduino software and changed settings around.
I did also just work out that I needed to add a -value to my z axis so it would lower on the lower command. Could that affect it?

That’s a good puzzle! It sounds like the Top/Bottom Chain Feed setting might not match the way your chains are run.
Is that possible?

I could also imagine this behavior if the motors we’re plugged into the opposite ports. If you do the actions -> test motors/encoders does the left motor spin when it says it is testing the left motor?


You are a smart person. Why did it move correctly left and right if the motors were back to front? I crossed this off the list for that reason.


Naw I just have a lot of hours of doing this :grinning:

That it works right in some directions when you have the motors plugged in backwards I’d just a weird coincidence of how they get rotated 180 degrees from one side to the other

If wired correctly, but the over/under setting (don’t know what that setting is called) is backwards, I would think that the left, right, up, down would all be reversed, correct?

If that’s true, then if you had both problems, your up and down would be correct and left/right would be reversed.