22 inch touch screen monitors

I’m a big auction person and came across an auction for 8 new 22 inch touch screen monitors. I won the action pretty cheap, I’m keeping 2 of the monitors, but don’t need all 8, so I’m offering the rest here. Shipping sucks, so local pickup is encouraged, but I will ship them.

The details: the monitors appear to be about 3 years old, but appear unused in the original packaging. There are two different models available, both 22 inch. The only real differences are the one model has buttons on the bottom vs. a push type knob to work the menu and the cases look slightly different. They are made by Diva Labs, and branded as DTx. These are nice monitors, I’ve played with one of each style. They take a VGA or DVI connection and a USB cable for the touch screen portion.

The sticky bit: The monitors require 12vdc to power them, and have a connector that I could not find a connector for through Allied or Mouser…I’m sure it’s in the 65,000 possible circular connectors, but I couldn’t track it down. The up side is that I just removed the socket on the monitor and wired a cable to a 12vdc Meanwell type power supply I had on hand. The modification was very easy and cheaper and faster than finding a replacement plug end.

The manual and drivers were on a CD-ROM, but I picked up a bunch of thumb drives and transferred the info. A thumb drive will be included with each monitor.

You will need a 12vdc power supply, a video cable, USB cable and an audio cable if you want sound at the monitor.

There are 2 of the “older” monitors, and 4 of the “newer” monitors. Shipping is a little more for the newer style because it weighs more and has a slightly bigger box. I checked with USPS’s website and postage varies based on where it goes, but ranges between $25.00 and $50.00. If you give me you zip code, I can give a better quote. It will ship (or can get picked up!) from Minneapolis, 55429.

I don’t want to make any money off of these, I’d like to help out the group that helped me.

The monitors will be $15.00 plus shipping.
I have 2 dc power supplies, for the first two to go and I have a DVI cable that will go with the first one.

If this is the wrong post location, I can move it or Mods fee free to move it.

If there are any questions, feel free to ask…Free local pickup!


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Just noticed that the “newer” style monitors have a DisplayPort connection, whatever that is…

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Would that be our old friend, the GX16?


Or one of its ilk?

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Wow, that actually looks like it. I’m going to order a handful. Mucho Thanks!

Ordered from Amazon, a connector will be included with each monitor if they work.

No worries. My guess is that GX16 is 16mm diameter, and that GX12 and GX20 are smaller and larger respectively. I’d recommend finding a dimensioned drawing of the connector and double checking against the one you have. We use a similar connector for projects at work, but it’s hard for me to say it’s the same as yours based on a photo. But… It probably is. :slight_smile:

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I’d like to buy one [vga] please contact me.
John Grady
703 768-8866

Do you still have any? I am interested!

Yes, I still have some left. I forgot to mention in the ad, but the monitors don’t come with a stand.

I also have the correct power connectors, I’ll ship a cable end with each monitor.

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I’m interested if you still have any monitors left.

There is one monitor left, the newer style.

Great price on a mount, if anyone else needs one.

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The monitors are all spoken for, with the last two pending. Thank you everyone for helping me out!


Monitor is working great!
My laptop has a touch screen, but it will randomly act like it’s tapping hundreds of places on the screen every few minutes, which could stop a cut, close the program, shut it down, etc. This will work much nicer.
Thanks again Bmwsyn.



:+1: lookin’ good.

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I can’t find a copy of the drivers that I sent out, can someone who purchased one of the monitors post the files on Dropbox or something?

Much thanks,


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Did you ever get the drivers sent to you? I am actually looking for my copy of them now as I am getting ready to switch from using an old laptop to using a rPi with the monitor, and I can’t seem to locate the thumb drive you sent.
(actually, I may have located it, but I can’t tell. was is a sliding blue one? there are no files that I recognize on it)
Edit: I may have found it on my old laptop, and I also found that Raspbian has the drivers installed, which simplified my setup greatly. That said, a little searching on the drivers I found on my old laptop (called eGalaxTouch) led me to this website:
which might be the proper drivers needed.

Drop a line if drivers are still needed

I did find the drivers, they were on my work laptop. The USB drive looked like this:

But they were different colors.

did those all get sold?