Inexpensive Computer for Maslow

I saw this computer and thought it might be a decent inexpensive computer option for driving the Maslow:

it’s hard to get cheaper than a raspberry pi powered by a 12v charger plug

Does that RPI include a 7" touch screen? The BG description is pretty light on the screen details, and for some reason insists on displaying the price in NZ$, but it looks very competitive with a similarly configured fruitbat.

I’d give it some serious thought, hope somebody gets one and reports back. Tablets with an otg cable don’t want to charge very well in the great white north

Sorry about the typos, the forum entry page has gone weird on my G5,+, won’t display the top half of the edit window

That looks great! Good find

I bought myself a fusion 5 windows tablet that will run gc for me… As well as a travel pc. I had to take avast anti-virus off. It kept blocking gc from running.

I’m about to turn a Acer Aspire One ZG5 netbook into a Groundcontrol host.

With a bit of luck you can find these netbooks cheaper then pi on the second hand market. And then you also have a display, a mousepad, wifi, and a powersupply.

The one i have has a broken SSD (and that sucks since it is soldered on to the mainboard…) So my advice is to get one with a real HDD, if you go this route, and make sure it has 1GB of RAM. There are also models that have only 512MB RAM and that’s probably a little underpowered.

Maybe you can even find a newer Aspire for a good price, Or an ASUS EEEPC, MSI or other netbook with ATOM CPU, there are many options available.

If you shop, you can find a pretty solid refurbished laptop for less than $200. I got a Panasonic ToughBook C2 with 4 GB RAM and a Core i5 for $170, with a load of Windows 7 Pro. It has a touchscreen and operates in tablet mode (the screen flips and rotates).

I did swap in an SSD, because I had one. Made a big difference. Also added 4 GB, because I had it sitting around.

GroundControl runs great with the touchscreen.

Now, all I need is the Maslow…

I do all the development on a couple year old Asus EEEBook (Windows 10) to make sure that it runs ok with lower system requirements so if you want the safe and cheap bet, you can’t go wrong with the EEEBook :wink: