$25 Pre Order universal Laser cut base plate with UHMW slider on bottom 15x15x 1/4" 14 lbs

this is a universal base plate capable of accepting various linkage and z axis solutions. It is open source so if you have access to a laser/plasma cutter I can send the DXF to you. https://www.2twentytwosteel.com/ did this prototype sled for $55 for us. We will be having it cut in bulk locally.

see website for more info and to order. If you have questions best to email us or call as we do not visit this forum every day.


looks good.

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Do you have a list of what is all on the plate and where you got them from?

it comes with the round white plastic trim on the bottom if you ever want to buy more https://www.mcmaster.com/8672k68

the vacuum port is just a 1 1/4 pvc wall mount
includes screws to attach above items to sled, just normal machine screws and nuts you can get at any hardware store

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I ordered a sled. I have a ring kit, but I’m interested in the linkage setup and wonder if it might be reasonable to make a set of links. What reasons to do or not do that?

if you already have a ring setup just use that. the linkage kit works just as well and is less expensive to manufacture. The ring kit can be a little jerky as it moves, but I think with the heavy base and ultra low friction ring on bottom that might no longer be an issue.

I don’t think it’s that simple, part of the jerkyness of the ring is the
bearings rolling on the ring (or not doing so) This can cause a ripple on the
edge of your cut.

You have a very good machine if you get to the point that this is a significant
problem for you :slight_smile:

David Lang

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I’m eyeing your z-axis upgrade kits. I already have a ring and the Ridgid router. Would you recommend the new base with ring and z-axis that is coming soon ($80) or your older one with linkage ($120)?

if you already have a ring I would wait for the new one. But if you are in a rush, get the current one. both work fine. The cheaper one is not painted or assembled in anyway (which is why it’s cheaper, less labor) plan on spending 1 to 2 hrs putting it together.

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And idea on when the new one will be out?

well with the coronavirus locking down china and my supplier LinkCNC not getting back to me timely. I really have no idea. I would guess sometime in March.

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I ordered the sled. I don’t suppose it has holes that match up with the 3D printed ZAxis set up?
Looking forward to having the sled

I have seen several 3d printed z axis, which one specifically?

The yet another z axis mod in the garden. I’m now curious about others

sorry no, holes for that 3d z are not laser cut, but you can always drill them yourself. the problem with 3d printing as a manufacturing solution is a lot of times it is simply cheaper and stronger to use other materials. especially when the volume is over 100 pieces.