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$80 Laser cut base and lead screw z axis pre order, ships middle of March 2020


Details on website link above. We also have a presidents day special off the Ridgid R22002 router for only $125, order both to save on shipping.


-What kind of assembly is required?
-Does anything come preassembled?
-Are the wooden pieces accurately pre drilled?
-The base plate is laser cut to receive this set up right?

-What kind of assembly is required? ALL OF IT 1-2 hrs to paint metal and assemble estimated.
-Does anything come preassembled? NO
-Are the wooden pieces accurately pre drilled? YES
-The base plate is laser cut to receive this set up right? YES

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Will a z-axis motor from any of the Maslow kit suppliers work with this? (asking for myself, and future viewers of this thread.) :slight_smile:

As I found that the lowest speed on the Rigid/any typical router spins way too fast for ABS plastic, what would you say the level of difficulty to use/adapt a spindle on this rig would be?

Thank you. I think your kit has appeared at a perfect time for me. :slight_smile: :relaxed: :sweat_smile:

yes z axis will work with any z motor.

most spindles are smaller than the ridged router so you will need to put in a block of wood or washers to center the spindle. the ridged is 92mm diameter and most spindles are 52mm diameter so 40mm difference divided by 2 = 20mm spacer needed.

since our z axis uses 1/8" metal it is much more compact than wooden versions. there for the extra spacer needed for a spindle will work fine.

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Thank you for the detailed answer MetalMaslow. Those numbers shall come in handy while I wait for my order to come in. (Can’t wait to put my kit together! .And I went ahead and put the speedier Z motor in my kart too!

Really glad I spotted this post. :slight_smile: