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$80 Laser cut base and lead screw z axis pre order, ships middle of March 2020


Details on website link above. We also have a presidents day special off the Ridgid R22002 router for only $125, order both to save on shipping.


-What kind of assembly is required?
-Does anything come preassembled?
-Are the wooden pieces accurately pre drilled?
-The base plate is laser cut to receive this set up right?

-What kind of assembly is required? ALL OF IT 1-2 hrs to paint metal and assemble estimated.
-Does anything come preassembled? NO
-Are the wooden pieces accurately pre drilled? YES
-The base plate is laser cut to receive this set up right? YES

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Will a z-axis motor from any of the Maslow kit suppliers work with this? (asking for myself, and future viewers of this thread.) :slight_smile:

As I found that the lowest speed on the Rigid/any typical router spins way too fast for ABS plastic, what would you say the level of difficulty to use/adapt a spindle on this rig would be?

Thank you. I think your kit has appeared at a perfect time for me. :slight_smile: :relaxed: :sweat_smile:

yes z axis will work with any z motor.

most spindles are smaller than the ridged router so you will need to put in a block of wood or washers to center the spindle. the ridged is 92mm diameter and most spindles are 52mm diameter so 40mm difference divided by 2 = 20mm spacer needed.

since our z axis uses 1/8" metal it is much more compact than wooden versions. there for the extra spacer needed for a spindle will work fine.

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Thank you for the detailed answer MetalMaslow. Those numbers shall come in handy while I wait for my order to come in. (Can’t wait to put my kit together! .And I went ahead and put the speedier Z motor in my kart too!

Really glad I spotted this post. :slight_smile:

Has anyone heard form Metal Maslow folks? I preordered the sled and Z-axis set up. I know they ran into an issue obtaining parts due to the shut down and they indicated shipping would be delayed until early June.
I can understand if they are still waiting on parts and I’ve sent a couple of request via their web site for an update and hadn’t heard anything. Site still says ‘Early June’
I’d like to see a status update.

pm @Metalmaslow. I did recently and he was very quick in responding to a similar question I had.


OK, I just saw that these kits are shipping soon, I’ve ordered one. Does it come with a clamp for the router, or do we need to source that separately? I have an old Rigid router, it works well but the leadscrew has way too much slop.

yes they come with a 92mm clamp.

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also offer 65mm and 70mm clamps for makita and dewalt if you prefer that.

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What is you current time frame to ship? I did the pre-order back in March(?) An estimate when it would be on the way would be helpful

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Wanted to ship tomorrow, but we lost a bag of hardware spacers during our move and had to reorder those which should arrive in a couple of days.


The swamp rats will return them just after the new parts arrive

Always do.
Or as my GF notes, the Matrix glitches and puts them back when the glitch is cleared

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This is the way.

Update for those that have been waiting We will be shipping out the bases this week. We will also be raising the the price about $50 at the end of the week so we can break even. Have about 20 base plates 1/4” thick available until then.

In the future might make a 1/8” thick 6.5 lb laser cut plate to keep costs down people can then add their own bricks or metal weights to get to 27lb sled weight


Good news indeed!!
Can’t wait to be up and running again

Hi, I just upgraded to Makerverse. I got your sled and Z-Axis. What is the sled weight in Newtons with the Z-Axis?
Also, if you’ve already set up all those values for this rig in Makerversec could you please share the rest of the values as well?