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Stainless Metal sled

Thought I’d throw out my metal sled
I had a peice of 3/16 stainless laying around threw it on the torchmate plasma and drilled and countersunk for machine screws. Could have gotten away with less fasteners.


That is really nice! How did you handle the centering of the spindle?

you can just draw the holes for the router base so they are aligned on the pc before the metal is cut.
I think this is the way to go, a laser cut steel base elminates the need for bricks.

Just laid out lines with dye and used plastic base with three shims and a transfer punch

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This looks great, I think eventually I might want one. Are you going to add anything to the material side? Like HDPE or something of the like?

Is your Maslow up and running? How is that metal working out?

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