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3/16 Aluminium plate - snowmobile bumper sides

Hey all, thought I would post my success, cut the sides of a bumper I’m building for the wife’s sled(snowmobile). Previous methods were plasma, then grind and finish everything. This one will get a light file/buff where need and straight to sandblast/powder coat. I have to say, this is why I bought this, and it performed as advertised.

Details: Inner details - 300mm/min federate, 0.5 pass depth. Outer details - F360 1900mm/min, 1mm cut depth. It worked on the outside cuts. I would recommend a shallower cut depth of the 0.5mm with the F360 1/4 end mill feedrate. But it all turned out awesome. No cutting fluid or lube. May make a drip line for cutting oil but it worked fine so it’s good for now. Cut time was about 6 hours.

Own Rock Solid Powder Coating, that’s why there random txt in there. Lol


Thanks for sharing the aluminum cut settings. Awesome to see that it worked!

What router and bits are you using?

looks nice. I bought an IV hospital drip bag to slowly drop some lube, but have not set it up yet.

Thank you for the suggestion, I’ll get my hands on a IV bag and give it a go. :slight_smile: Also David, I used a 1/4" two flute end mill. up cut. Its made by Freud. Says its Industrial carbide. 20 bucks CAD where I live. My Router is a Mastercraft Maximum with my own lead screw Z Axis. I copied a members design so to speak, if you search mastercraft in the forums it comes up. However, I’m really looking at getting the M2 upgrade, my Z axis doesn’t seem to accurate because there is some play in the lead screw. It came from a trash compactor so, not really precision, :slight_smile:

Edit: Forgot, I run the speed setting at about 4 for aluminium on the router, not wide open but close. Figured more RPM, smaller chips, not as hard on the cutter. Just a theory, probably got it backwards. LOL

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