3d CNC with maslow

I believe photoelectric smoke detectors are more susceptible to dust than ionization ones. While I generally recommend dual-technology smoke detectors as both types have limitations, I’d suggest an ionization only detector for the workshop.

You are correct i will also use a heat detector, no need to switch off the smoke detector just keep the cap, you can just put that on when doing hi dust materials.

i was just thinking out loud without any detailed knowledge. Nice to know what to look for now when i build my shop.

Or even better, “Good judgement comes from experience, experience comes from bad judgement”, which makes it even smarter to learn from someone else’s bad judgement…

Hopefully my Maslow kit will arrive about the time we move into a new house, end of August or so. Maybe I can get the software set up in the interim, maybe build the frame. And read about other people’s stumbling blocks so I’m more prepared.