3D Contouring/ 3 Axis Coordinated Movement

I have been working on enabling coordinated 3 axis movement. As you can see below, I think I am about there, I just need to test it a bit more.

This was cut with a flat end mill. A ball mill obviously would have produced a nicer result.

Keep in mind, based on the design of the Maslow, this isn’t really something it is ever going to excel at. But there may be times when doing a 2D contour when full coordinated motion like this would be nice. It might also be helpful for making a sign with lettering.

I have also been working on enabling the full G2/G3 commands for all axis of movement.


Thanks! Don’t think we’ll be doing lithophanes, but a bit of vcarving and profile cutting would be nice.

great to see. Are you preparing a patch to implement your fixes?

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Yes, but I may need a few more days to confirm that I didn’t need anything up.


If you can post your git repo, or create a preliminary patch request, others can
test and review what you have so far.

That’s beautiful already! I didn’t expect it to work nearly that well :grinning:

Every day I learn new and cool things about this project from you guys. Thanks for constantly proving that the community knows more than me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. Hooray for open source software!

Great work!


Ok the branch is here: (It is otherwise up to date with master)

The linear 3D movements G1 ang G0 I think are good and final.

The arc 3D movements G2 and G3, I think work, but still need some fixes for:

  • How to handle a lack of zaxis
  • Calculate the feedrate given with the zaxis limitations
  • Handle the P word for multiple turns
  • Handle the R word for calculations based on a radius

I also need to test the arc movements to be sure it is doing the right thing. This is rather complicated and I could have easily made a mistake.


Ok the branch is here: (It is otherwise up to date with master)


The linear 3D movements G1 ang G0 I think are good and final.

The arc 3D movements G2 and G3, I think work, but still need some fixes for:

  • How to handle a lack of zaxis

I think it’s fair to complain loudly (and abort) if you have a 3D movement
defined without a Z axis.

However, I think this should be done in Ground Control, not the firmware. If
someone bypasses this and insists on doing it anyway, go ahead and do the normal
prompting for every Z axis change.

David Lang

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Checking the link in this thread, it appears that this branch has languished?

Is it possible to add 3-Axis movement?

I’m interested in using it for optimizing (via Fusion360) pocketing and maintaining continuous feed rates (via helicial motion, etc) more than detailed elevation work, but they’re the same 3way motion.

Also, has anyone investigated long term heat tolerance with all 3 axis motors going through the shield for any meaningful amount of time?

anyway, I hope this gets picked back up,


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i want this picked back up too. I know nothing about software and programming though. The communithy should start a go fund me and people can pitch in to pay a software guru to update the software to be 3g/2g compatable?

If someone tells me what kind of software person this would take, programming language, possible estimate of time to complete. reasonable fees, more techy details, etc. that would be a good start.

I’m pretty sure I was incorrect on this… 3 axis movement IS implemented.

In a default machine however, the Z-axis being slower than X/Y and needs to be programmed gingerly.

I’m using Fusion360 and in April (the date of my request) I doubt I was programming in the ramps correctly, let alone having my maslow dialed in enough to optimize things.

Now, I have what i think are much better workable numbers in simulation, but have not put enough hours in on a working machine to share any results yet.

Very low angles of approach/engagement ( 0.5-3 deg ) look like they’ll work well with the default maslow’s capabilities.

There was also some concern about blowing out the chips on the V1.x controllers via heavy use of all 3 axis, but the upcoming higher power controller hats should eliminate that concern entirely.

in short, you should be able to program and execute 3 axis movement no problem, please share your results!

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G2/G3 commands?
So malsow can do helical holes right now? didn’t know that was possible?

ooh well maybe… i don’t know actually, but if not there should be an open request in the Github Firmware repository.

Didn’t you close it on Apr 9? https://github.com/MaslowCNC/Firmware/issues/424

looks like only for G0 and G1 https://github.com/MaslowCNC/Firmware/issues/424#issuecomment-379633745