3d toolpath possible?

Ordered maslow next batch!:grinning: Can’t wait.

I do have a question while I plan all my projects though. I havn’t seen any contour projects posted anywhere. Is it even possible to do 3d toolpaths with the maslow/ground control (I really hope so), if not will the feature be added? Also I am planning to add some gearing to the z axis because it looks waaay too slow. If i do so will I be able to calibrate the software/firmware (steps) to reflect my new configuration?

Yes you can, you just need to think about how the sled will be supported since the sled will have to have wood to keep it up.

you can do 3D toolpaths, but remember that the sled rides on the surface of the
workpiece, so if you cut off too much of the surface, the sled will dip down.

so the maslow can do 3D inlays into the wood, but it’s not suitable for doing a
3D map (unless you figure out how to keep the sled supported)

David Lang

Thank you for the replies! I was thinking on a scale smaller than the sled anyway so that shouldn’t be a concern, alternatively a person could leave islands uncarved in the design for the sled to ride on and manually clean them up post processing.

How about the second question of recalibrating steps for the z axis?

if you gear the Z axis, then it changes the effective pitch of the Z and you will need to tell the system what the effective pitch is.

Or if the gearing is an integer ratio, you can change the pulses per rotation figure

Awesome. Thank you for clearing that up.