3D-Model of MaslowCNC, please

Where could I download a well-done 3D-model of a maslowCNC? I am creating a VR-application for a museum exhibition and would like to have a virtual machine working in this set. I know of the model on grabcad, but there most parts are missing, such as motors etc.

I will make my finished model available here and the final app available for free on steampowered.com

Kind regards



Hi There!
I have not seen any 3D model of a complete Maslow in the old or new forum. The designs here are mostly to prepare for the building or discussing improvements of certain parts. Wish you good luck, perhaps someone can put a model together.

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And that link… :roll_eyes: A fake of steampowered(dot)com?
Is this spam?

The good old WhoIs :slight_smile:
Last line:
steam-powered(dot)com is FOR SALE.
Please visit www#$%steam-powered(dot)com for price and purchasing.

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Hi Gero
This was rather a typo than a devilish intention. Please excuse. Have changed the link in the meantime.

But back to my quest for a model: It would be already helpful if someone could send me models of the chain, the motors, and a valid router – I could assemble these models easily myself.
Many thanks


Hi Mischa, sorry for my doubts and thanks for clearing it!
For chains, motors and router, rendered models would hard to get guess.
From what I have seen here, frame and sled inclusive the variations of the triangular kits should be possible.

I tried to make a 3D realistic chain once, in a failed attempt to contribute to the ‘chain sag’ discussion, with the help of blender physics. The app crashed because of the small size and large amount of chain links.

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Here are a few resources where you could work on making a model.

get models:

I’ve looked at chain on TV before. You will need to check licensing before using it.

Thank you


I have an OnShape model of the wooden parts of the frame that I would be happy to share. It doesn’t include things like the router or chains because my netbook can hardly open the model as is :roll_eyes:


Chain and sprockets I have downloaded from McMaster


Dear all
Many thanks to this great community for efficient advice and support. I have decided to fall back finally on my own feet and to collect all the materials needed, as there seems to be no fully assembled model available. So I guess that we may consider my quest as closed.
Kind regards