3D Print: New Reinforced Corner Mounts

I had one of the 3d corner mount prints from the non-shop pop its top so I decided
to reinforce them a bit by doubling the thickness on the top face, adding some rounded bevels to the inner pocket in hopes of giving it more holding power from the walls to the lid and added some ribbing wrapping from the side walls across the top surface. I did have to sand the hole opening just a bit to get the pin to slide smoothly in and out but it didn’t take much.
I also recommend printing with 100% infill, so they are solid and dont have “support” inside.

CornerMounts_Revised.stl (1.2 MB)


Thank you for posting these.
I was just about to get the originals printed for my build.
But now I will get these ones instead.
I also read good idea to do a Carbon Fiber filament.

Unfortunately my printer is down so I will order from somewhere.

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Of COURSE you publish this just as I’m sitting down to remove supports from the Not Shop version :smiley:

(Un)fortunately, the top popped right off of one, so now I have an excuse to re-print.

@bar’s engineering is pretty f’ing amazing, but I have to say that his Design for Manufacturing skills need some serious work :wink:

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I also recommend printing with 100% infill, so they are solid and dont have “support” inside.

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Firstly, thank you for sharing your design/remix.

Are you printing these with, or without support structures for the overhangs?

EDIT: Nevermind, looks like I should enable support structures…

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Yes with support.

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CF reinforced PLA has a tendency to be more brittle than regular PLA, which is what PLA can be known for.

But otherwise, CF whatever.

Here’s my new design for mounting around the corners of a frame, so probably vertical orientation for most people.

I reckon that there’s no need to put a screw through every hole, because there are two that will conflict definitely.

M4_AnchorMount.stp (358.9 KB)

I’m trying printing this in regular PLA, with 5 wall loops, 15% gyroid infill, I designed it deliberately to avoid there being any need for support material.