Corner anchor 3D Printable, no supports

So tried to print the current corner anchors and had a heck of a time removing the supports and couldn’t fit 4 on my print bed. Anyway, so I think this is an improvement-- used fusion360 and it prints with the open face down so no supports needed. Designed the countersunk holes for #8 deck screws and that center countersink hole is a bit deeper so screw head should be below the plane that the belt holder moves in.

Included the fusion360 file so maybe someone can make it even better…

(literally just designed in now and haven’t printed it yet, will update once I have used it.)
MaslowCornerBeltHolder.stl (135.6 KB)

MaslowBeltBrace v4.f3d (137.2 KB)


Excellent improvement!

well, the big hole is maybe 2 mm too close to the edge. anyway, here is the 2nd try.
MaslowBeltBrace v5.f3d (156.0 KB)
MaslowCornerBeltHolder_V2.stl (137.2 KB)

2hrs to print one of them. I am doing 0.3mm layer heights using 0.6mm nozzle on prussa, printing with PETG.



A quick update. I have now printed two sets of them and they really are perfect.

I ran out of PETG, so ended up using a high-temp carbon PLA so has a mat surface finish… printed with 30% infill and they are very strong. The interior screw insets perfectly and doesn’t interfere with the belt-anchor movement.

I was printing them pairs at a time and it takes about 4hrs. using 0.6 nozzle and 0.3mm step height. (and 30% infill). Could print 4 at a time easily on the prusa.

Hopefully that helps someone.


Damnit, I sure wish people would stop uploading improved designs just hours after I finish printing the previous most improved design!


Looks good, nice work


Thank you! Fortunately I’ve procrastinated long enough to benefit from your contributions. Cheers!


Look great …!

@E_L_P what pins are you using to hold the ends in this design and where did you get them …?