3d printed anchor point for table

first of all greetings & I would like to point out that I’m waiting for my Maslow4 - hence this anchor point has not been tested in real live!
I plan to operate my Maslow on two Toughbuild Sawhorses. On top some OSB panels, supported by 2x4s.

For fastening the Maslow to the edges I wanted some non permanent, screwless system which can be easily removed.

The 3d printed parts are held in place by some Bessey Clamps (GTR16S), Festool clamps or chinese copy :wink:

Part can be printed, lying at the side. I just used organic support on the buildplane, PETG Filament and a 0.6mm nozzle, 3 walls and 25% infill

STL & Prusa Slicer Project file can be found in my post below


Hope I’m now allowed to attach more pictures and the files :wink:


Prusa Slicer Project File
base_holder.3mf (228.0 KB)

base_holder_with_rope.stl (4.3 MB)


That is fantastic! Great work! I was just thinking about how to do a table attachment anchor point :grinning:

I’m happy you like it. If anybody tested them for real - please give me some feedback.

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