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$4 Anti Friction Tape for Ridgid R22002 Router/base

Clean your router and base off with alcohol/acetone and stick this tape on for an ultra smooth z axis upgrade.

any pictures of how you set it up? would like to see video of it

you just stick it on the outside of the router motor.just cut out the rectangle shaped notch is the only important thing so the router can still move up and down

basically acts like a grease lubricant with out the mess. I’ll try to make video, but pretty busy.

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do you need to put a slight squeeze on it… is the tape padded?

no it’s just clear tape that is slippery. it’s cheaper than buying a can of graphite lube or a whole role of the tape yourself. if you dont’ like it, you can return it for the price of a stamp. low risk, thanks…