Ridgid R2200 Z Axis Jack Screw Binding

I might have just gotten a defective unit, but…

My Ridgid R2200 router has always seemed to have a LOT of slop in the Z axis jack screw & the pawl that engages the router. The pawl cants noticeably when applying up/down pressure to it. Lately, my Z axis motor has been stalling, unable to overcome the friction caused by this misalignment.

I have a couple of rubben bands going from the router handles & over the motor housing to provide “backlash”, and I’ve made sure these are at a bare minimum to avoid exacerbating the issue.

Are there any suggestions to remedy? I was thinking of going and grabbing a new router to see if it works better, as mine has always seemed very loose.

This is a very common issue and what you’ve done with the rubber bands is a recommended solution, but its not perfect as you’ve found out. If you search for “slop” on the forum, I think you will readily find some other solutions. Here’s one…

Best to build a dedicated z axis. But sanding to 600 grit along with a dry lube goes a long way

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