Ridgid R20022 Corrosion Issues?

I recently ordered a Maslow with the Z-Axis kit. I was planning on going with the recommended R20022 router. I was reading reviews on it and have ran across some who complain of significant corrosion problems. I guess this is because the router body is magnesium and the base is aluminum. I was wondering if anyone else has ran into this issue? I live in western Washington (very high humidity) which makes corrosion more likely. Thanks!

I’m in Western Washington and have been using a Ridgid R20022 (R22002?) for more than a year with no noticeable issue. I have used paste wax as a lube, that might make a difference.


I was worried about that also. When I started the project we were in Port Townsend, WA and now we’re in Portland so I’m in a similar climate to you. I’ve read about that issue also, but I haven’t seen much corrosion myself.

If it’s a big concern I’ve been looking at the Bosch 1617EVS as an alternitive to the Ridgid. I haven’t tested one yet, but they look good online.


I think if you use an oil or wax coat you should be fine.

Thank you

So, to bring this subject up again…
I live in northern VA and have the stock Ridgid router. It was fine until about a month ago when we really started getting the heat and humidity and I came out to find the router body corroded. I had previously lubed with paste wax, and had hoped that it would stay clear, but either I didn’t use enough or it didn’t work. I decided to lube with CorrosionX this last time, but it appears that even that is not good enough. An AC unit is on the books for the workshop, but it is still below the tree house on the priorities list, so may not be in until next summer. In the meantime, I am thinking I might switch to a lead screw setup and remove the router base issues altogether.