4’ X 4’ Maslow work area vs 8’ x 8’

I am new to the forum and hopefully posting a question in the right place. Interested in purchasing the Maslow cnc, but limited by work area available. Wondering if anyone has built a 4’ x 4’ version vs the 8’ x 8’ version using the same parts in the kit or most of the same parts. Would guess chains would have to be smaller. Any info appreciated.

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4 x 4 as opposed to 4 by 8 is totally doable. I’ve never done it but it’s definitely able to be modified that way.
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I remember seeing photos somewhere of a scaled down version. Sorry for the vagueness, I’m new here and I’ve scrounged around in a lot of corners during my short journey with the Maz.

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The key thing you need to do when designing a maslow of an unusual size is to make sure that the forces on the chains are reasonable at all locations (the critical ones being the top center and bottom corners)

take a look at the calculator at https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1mv-sUyig7rTph58ell1ETJP32yo1pq4JgaVvp45PKqU/edit#gid=0

define one set as either the stock maslow, or the version with a 12’ top beam (much better accuracy in the corners), then go to the other set and change your workpiece dimensions, and then tinker with the beam size and height until the forces are reasonable

the higher the lower forces the better, but you need to not have the high forces too high. So if your setup has higher low forces and lower high forces than stock, it should work.