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1/2 Size (48”x48”) cut area frame design needed

Hi guys!
Apologies if this has already been discussed somewhere.

I am putting together my kit, but due to space limitations, I need to make my cat area 48” x 48” instead of the standard 4 x 8”

Is there an existing frame design for this? has this already been done a million times? Is this not recommended, not accurate?

Also, since I am going for smaller pieces and accuracy/detail. I’m going to be reinforcing @ squaring up my frame with unistrut.

Another space evening requirement of mine, is to have the assembly attached to the wall, and lay flat when not being used. I have already lined my entire wall with OSB for mounting surface.

I’m just reaching out to the community so that I can hopefully Make my mistakes on paper before hand.

Actually only a handful of people have done this surprisingly.
Geometry of a square ratio cutting area is actually more favorable because it avoids the extreme edges of the sheet, which are harder to get accurate.

You can just use the regular frame with 10’ top cross bar and 4x4 cut area or if you really need the space you can probabaly use something as small as a 6’ top motor mount
8’ top motor mount would be a good compromise IMHO.

above post is probably most detailed plans for 4x4.

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look at the spreadsheet at

change the working area size and top beam dimensions to what you want to try and
you can get an idea of if it will work as well as the stock frame.

David Lang

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